The Different Methods of Fusion for Pipes

In order for your project to be successful when you need to fuse together a long stretch of pipe, it’s critical to select the appropriate pipe fusion technique. We at Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation are pleased to be your go-to supplier of reliable pipe fusion tools and machinery equipment. Listed below are three pipe fusion techniques to consider for your next project.


Butt Fusion Method

The most used technique for fusing HDPE pipes is butt fusion. It’s a quick and easy approach that yields reliable outcomes. The ends of pipes that have been cleaned and prepped are heated during this operation. The pipe linking the existing one is then subjected to force. The apparatus used for this is a butt fusion machine.


Socket Fusion Method

Heating the spigot end of one pipe and the socket end of a fitting results in socket fusion. Similar to a butt fusion, it is carried out using fusion welding equipment. Small pipes composed of polyethylene or polypropylene typically use socket fusion. Both medium and high density polyethylene pipes can be processed using this method. It keeps the pipe’s elasticity, which is advantageous in some applications.


Electrofusion Method

Electrofusion is another technique for joining two pieces of pipe. It is employed in places like elbows, valves, and tees where butt fusion cannot be done. Prefabricated fittings are used in this technique. The fitting and pipe are both inserted with an electrical coil, and the heat from the coil melts the two parts together.


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