Summertime Safety Tips for Florida Job Sites

Workers in Florida face a wide range of issues throughout the summer, when erratic weather and sweltering heat make any task difficult. Summertime is also the most common time for workplace accidents, with construction sites seeing more injuries than any other time of year. Here are a couple common obstacles to summertime safety procedures:

Unpredictable Weather

A construction site is already a dynamic work environment, and intermittent thunderstorms make it even more so. If the proper safety measures are not taken, the jobsite may be destroyed and workers may be in danger. Site managers must make sure that construction equipment is tied down or secured if a storm is approaching. Make sure that the employee’s safety comes first above anything else. After a storm, there will be a lot of wet, slick surfaces that can make working conditions hazardous, especially for people working at high altitudes. Make sure all work surfaces are adequately dry, check any equipment that was left out in the storm, and maintain a safe work environment for your employees.

Heat Exhaustion

On-the-job heat exhaustion is a severe problem, especially in Florida’s hot summers. You can avoid heat exhaustion on your workplace by being aware of its symptoms. The first step contractors should take to prevent heat exhaustion in their workers is to provide enough water and shady locations so that their workers can stay hydrated and cool off while working. Any employee displaying signs of faintness, exhaustion, headaches, or a cold sweat should be told to stop working right away and take a break in a shady area with access to lots of cool water. 


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