MimeCo and IPF-Plasson

MimeCo has been working with Texas-based manufacturer IPF-Plasson for several years and offers many of its products. IPF-Plasson is a full-line pressure HDPE pipe manufacturer, with sizes ranging from ½” to 65” and pressures up to 320 psi to lower pressure ones up to 120” in diameter. They manufacture Spirolite pipes, tanks, structures, and their products are recognized globally for their cost-efficiency, lightweight design, and weather-resistant options. IPF-Plasson’s products require less maintenance and have quite a long service lifespan. All products meet ASTM, PPI, AWWA, API, ISO, and FM specifications.


ElectroFusion with IPF-Plasson products offers quality assurance. All ElectroFusion fittings that hold a rating of 160 psi or higher are manufactured with PE 4710 black compounded resins that are listed in the PPI TR-4 and meet international standards for portable water. Products are evaluated on a system in accordance with ISO 9001 and an operating approval according to ISO 9001.


IPF-Plasson offers fabricated fittings through machinery supply service offerings at MimeCo. The line of HDPE pipe fittings is made with high-level engineering design, quality control, production management, and top-of-the-line customer service. All fabricated fittings are active in ASTM, PPI, AWWA, API, and FM specifications, along with industry adaptation of PE 4710.


Spirolites are thermoplastic pipes with diameters through 120”. The pipe is the only high-density polyethylene system in the country that offers a cost-competitive alternative to traditional piping, focusing on improving sanitary sewers and industrial waste applications. Spirolites meet ASTM F-894 requirements.


MimeCo also offers industrial equipment rentals in addition to top-of-the-line products. Please visit us online for more information.

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