The PolyPorter Makes Pipe Handling Easy

McElroy tools are generally considered the benchmark when it comes to the most effective tool to get the job done in a professional and safe manner. Workers that typically rely on a separate dolly and pipe stand may wish to consider the McElroy PolyPorter®, a combination of these tools presented in an easy to use yet robust package where operators can load pipe into a fusion machine with effortless hassle.polyporter

The design of the PolyPorter is intended to mimic what it would be like if a pipeline contractor were to use it. Thanks to this, the PolyPorter does a superb job of its intended purpose. Instead of requiring multiple workers, just one person can load a length of pipe without the risk of strains or potential injuries provided proper safety measures are being used. Once loaded, the pipe pushing the pipe through a roller-equipped hook arm onto a fusion machine is an incredibly simple process. The PolyPorter also has a handy jack so operators can lower or raise the tool to the proper height and ensure it is level. When working on terrain that may be uneven, this can be tremendously helpful.

Ready to kick your productivity up a notch? The PolyPorter Pipe Handler is available through our McElroy Parts store.

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