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The Holidays Are a Great Time to Purchase Equipment

With the start of the new year just around the corner, there is no better time than now to get your industrial products online ordered. Order now and get them for all of your new projects in 2022. MimeCo offers a wide selection of machinery equipment for various job sites.


With over two decades of experience, we provide full-service fabrication and manufacturing fittings for applications using HDPE pipes. We have fabricated fittings that can be used in multiple ways, so our clients can get exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are in the oil, mining, gas, or power industry, MimeCo has something for you.


MimeCo is composed of passionate and experienced employees ready to help you with your questions about any of our products. Our collective experience helps you know that you will have the right tools and equipment in your hands to see job success. Working with MimeCo offers you a way to minimize your costs while improving efficiency.


Choose equipment from brands like Carboline, Crane, Performance Pipe, Dickies, McElroy Parts, Workrite, and R&L Manufacturing with various products such as hand tools, safety equipment, pumps, gaskets, valves, carbon steel fitting and flanges, electrical products, and more.


We are also happy to offer industrial equipment rentals. Simply fill out the online form, and a representative will be in touch about your project.


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Preparing Your Machines for Colder Weather

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, which means colder temperatures are just around the corner. MimeCo, machinery equipment, and industrial products online hope you and your loved ones enjoy your Thanksgiving and that it is a nice, restful break for you and your team.


With the colder weather, it is important to take note of a few tips to ensure you take care of your equipment when the temperatures drop. While the coldest months will fade out in February, lower temperatures can last all the way to April, so it is best to be prepared.


First, ensure the correct lubricants and condition hydraulic hoses are installed, along with the correct engines and transmission. When starting a machine, check every level to ensure there is enough fluid for everything to flow well. The outside wrapper of hydraulic hoses crack in the cold, so condition them before winter strikes if you want to avoid breakage. Operate your machine with the hydraulic oil temperature at 150 degrees, running for an hour. Then, apply an arctic hydraulic oil.


Next, be sure to properly store the equipment. While this is important at all times of the year, this is especially true in winter. When machines are not being used, keep them out of the elements. Detach attachments and store them away to avoid damage when not in use. Keep fluids, including oils, at room temperatures, otherwise, they can freeze.


Finally, keep your batteries fully charged and out of the cold. In lower temperatures, batteries generate double the amount of cranking amps to turn over. Keeping them warm and charged will make starting much easier and minimize the risk of damage.

Tips to Extend Equipment Life

Heavy machinery requires a consistent yet constant level of care and maintenance to ensure that it performs to its fullest potential and its fullest capacity for the intended life cycle. Poorly maintained machines run poorly, costing time and money on the job site as well as compromising safety. To properly care for your machinery equipment to make sure they last and run well, here are a few tips.


  1. Keep up with operator training: large machines can have more than one operator, but even if just one person does not know the ins and outs of the machine and has not been properly trained, you are putting the project and operators at risk. This includes those who inspect machines. It is recommended that large machines are inspected upon purchase, where operator training can be performed. Pay attention that operator manuals are up to date.

  2. Know the signs of wear and tear: vibration, high temperature, and friction are all common signs of machinery breakdown. Vibration often indicates misaligned belts, while high temperatures are a sign of the machine exerting itself too hard to function. Any wear and tear should be addressed immediately and replaced upon discovery.

  3. Maintain a clean working environment: when using machines such as our industrial products online, ensure your area and machines are kept clean/ Doing so will help parts stay clear of contamination and debris. Check often that seals are in good working condition. Change filters often. Large machinery should be stored properly – in buildings or sheds that will protect them from weather and temperature changes.

The Spirolite from IPF Plasson

Spirolite is a leader in the plastic pipe industry, and it can manufacture thermoplastic pipes through diameters of 120 inches through impressive technology. The individualized process unique to the Spirolite makes it the only high-density polyethylene system in the United States that offers a solution to traditional pipe systems for gravity, industrial waste applications, and pressure sanitary sewers while offering a cost-effective option.


The ease of the bell and spigot joint design, along with the plain-ended filed welded joint, decreases time spent installing the pipe and provides long-term assurance on corrosion resistance. This pipe meets ASTM F-894 requirements.


Traditional extruded thermoplastic pipes decrease in diameter as the wall thickens, but the Spirolite pipe keeps internal diameters consistent. Through a unique manufacturing and production process, the Spirolite is made by a profile extrusion that is continuously wound of a mandrel, so there is a maximum level of efficiency with each one produced. The pipe utilizes geometrically efficient hollow rib profiles and a closed profile design to cut down on the pipe weight and stiffness to weight ratio.


Standard classes are available for each size. Each engineer using the Spirolite can pick a profile and class, allowing a hands-on approach to projects with machinery equipment, making them more economical and efficient. Each pipe is made from high density and molecular weight polyethylene that is made to withstand piping applications. Resin included gives pipes strength and stiffness for long-lasting use. Material made to produce the Spirolite has a minimum cell classification of 335444C per ASTM D-3350 Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials.


For more information on industrial products online, visit MimeCo online.

Heavy Equipment Operator Safety Tips

Heavy machinery does a lot for industries worldwide – they can move thousands of tons of heavy materials and products, help install piping, and are a vital part of construction projects. Still, with this ability comes great responsibility. Each machinery equipment operator must exercise the utmost caution and care when working with such large and impactful machines.


Runovers and backovers account for nearly half of all job site fatalities, while vehicle collisions and people-vehicle collisions each make up 14% of fatalities. These deadly accidents can be avoided and should be at all costs. Companies should be reviewing standard operating rules often, but a few tips can be practiced no matter what type of machine you are operating.


You should always inspect your equipment before operating machines like industrial products online. Inspections should be done daily, ensuring every item is met on checklists. It may be redundant, but it can greatly impact safety standards. If you are on a new job site, inspect power lines, pipes, and other utilities before operating, clearly marking their location to ensure others are safe.


Be aware of a machine’s load limits, as they can vary per machine. Always practice caution when either loading or unloading machines. Always do this on an even, grounded level to minimize the hazards that come with machines rolling. Have someone help you unload and to be a second pair of eyes in case any pedestrians are present.


Wear your seat belt. If a machine rolls over or takes an unintended sharp turn, you want to be safe. Watch out for your blind spots, and always make certain that no one is standing behind the machine or in the blind spots.


Taking little everyday measures to practice safety will make or break the job site’s overall safety. Make the time to check machines and to operate equipment the right way.

Tips for Keeping Equipment in Top Shape

Routine maintenance is essential for machinery equipment to produce results and end up in successful projects on the job site. Regularly scheduled maintenance and keeping an eye on performance can help uncover potential issues and ensure your equipment performs to its best ability. Even during the busiest projects, make time to check on the maintenance of your equipment.


To ensure you never miss a deadline, plan your maintenance ahead of time to accommodate seasonality and project deadlines. Do not allow your project performance to suffer because of maintenance – there is no need. Learn how long maintenance will take for each machine and plan around that, giving you and your team plenty of time to prepare.


Buy any spare parts ahead of time. This will help you save time and stress if something happens to your machine. When a technician comes to service the machine, you will already have the parts ready to use. You can usually purchase parts from industrial products online.


Keep service manuals handy. They are there to guide in using the machine and know what to do should something go wrong. Machine operators need to have access to them as they contain valuable information about electronic prints, operational instructions, part identification, safety guidelines, and more.


Document any service visits with equipment manufacturers. Documenting this will allow you to determine when the machines need to be rechecked and will give future technicians more information on your machine, especially if it needs a repair.


Ensure management and your entire team are dedicated to keeping up with your machines. It can be extremely costly to ignore maintenance and service requirements. Save your company time, stress, and money by being vigilant with repairs and maintenance.

Winners of Plastic Pipe Industry Awards Announced

On May 12, 2021, The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) held its annual membership meeting virtually and announced the winners of the Projects and Members of the Year program. The association has been meeting for over ten years, selecting winners for Project of the Year and Member of the Year for Building and Construction, Drainage, Energy Piping Systems, and Municipal and Industrial and Power and Communications PPI Divisions.

2021 was a record-breaking year for submissions, with the most PPI has ever seen, and the first time there were multiple project winners in two divisions.

Multi-storied facilities at a Texas military base, the Training Center 5 and 6 Project, won PPI BCD Project of the Year. The project included large diameter pipe and fittings for effective water flow throughout the campus, with installation in crawl spaces, underground, and riser locations.

The City of Fort Lauderdales’ Redundant Force Main Project in Fort Lauderdale, FL, won the PPI Municipal and Industrial Division Project of the Year. The project considered a new seven-and-a-half-mile redundant forced main sewer, which needed two contractors with HDD drilling to install the 54-inch in diameter HDPE pipe. HDPE pipes are a crucial component of successful construction, along with other machinery equipment.

Project Living Hope Soccer Complex at Camp Marie in Haiti won the PPI Drainage Division Project of the Year. Project Living Hope is a charitable organization that aids underprivileged youth in Haiti. The project included the construction of a sports facility, soccer fields, a housing complex, and a community hall.

Members of the year included:

  • Rick Stock of Uponor Inc.: PPI Building and Construction Division Member of the Year

  • Joe Babcanec of Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.: PPI Drainage Division Member of the Year

  • Barb Donaldson of WL Plastics: PPI Municipal and Industrial Division Member of the Year

MimeCo offers industrial products online. For more information, please visit us at mimeco.com.

Major Increase in Pricing of Curbside Service Products

The price of scrap paper, plastic, and metal bales have made a notable increase, especially for HDPE pipes. HDPE pipes have reached new record highs. Natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes that come from curbside collection programs average at 81.88 cents per pound, up from 33.75 cents per pound last year.

Color HDPE pipes are trading for 30.13 cents per pound, which is up exponentially high from just 4.64 cents per pound in April of 2020.

The national average in the price of post-consumer PET beverage bottles and jars has increased by 18% in one month. It is currently trading at 11.95 cents per pound. Last year the national average was 9.34 cents per pound.

Polypropylene (including polypropylene pipes) is up from 13.69 cents per pound to 15.63 cents per pound in April alone.

Other recyclables such as aluminum, and more specifically, used beverage cans that come from curbside collection services, increased to 64.13 cents per pound – a 3.07 cent increase from March. In 2020, it held a trading value of 40.13 cents per pound.

The increase in prices across the board has risen due to the limitations on waste imports set by China, causing a dramatic effect in the American recycling industry. In addition, the anticipated shift of many large beverage and consumer product companies to use more recycled products has caused changes across the recycling industry.

It is unclear if this will positively or negatively impact the machinery equipment industry or with industrial products online. Each industry that involves industrial equipment or recycled products has its own set of challenges and victories to face as the markets change and as consumers switch to a more eco-friendly focus.

Fusion Machine Manufacturer Unveils New and Improved Product Line

McElroy recently unveiled the next evolution of its powerful machinery equipment TracStar® line dubbed the iSeries!

The TracStar iSeries sets the bar for pipe fusion efficiency and reliability. A new generation of fusion machines draws on the TracStar’s history of being a tough, self-contained tracked vehicle while still incorporating industry-leading technologies for a better user experience. Several enhancements have been made to the technologies available while still hardening them to make the fusion experience more secure. New emission-compliant engines, CAN bus power, and various hydraulic, electronic, and electrical enhancements are all included in the iSeries. Operator consistency and adherence to standards were enhanced by integrated, software-controlled system choices ranging from manual to fully automatic.

The TracStar iSeries devices have an incorporated DataLogger tablet that acts as an operator input system while concurrently logging the entire fusion process. Keep track of important facts about the fusion process and jobsite, such as operator statistics, equipment information, GPS coordinates, and more, while ensuring that the fusion joint meets industry expectations.

The revised cowling on the iSeries machines solves a frequent requirement from the field: fusing broad tees and elbows without separating the carriage from the vehicle. The vehicle’s latest two-step construction also allows the user to do so while still being strengthened to withstand the weight of heavy fittings.

A new Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system and Power Control Module (PCM) facilitate communication among machine units, including heater control, carriage pressure and location, and more. For real-time computer statistics, a touchscreen vehicle monitor offers operation and diagnostic information.

The manual hydraulic valves on all iSeries machines now feature smart keypads, which allow for improved feedback. These intelligent keypads assist users in the fusion process via dynamic colors as certain activities are required. New paddle levers have also been installed to replace the hydraulic valves and knobs, allowing for more direct operation of the indexer and carriage.

As your source for machinery equipment and industrial products online, we’re excited about this latest TracStar evolution and look forward to providing our clients the improved power of the iSeries. We’ll keep you updated as developments occur.

The Rolling 618 Shows up on Television

Since 2010, the reality television series Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel has focused on the gold mining efforts of multiple family-operated mining companies throughout the country. The series has since expanded to also include the western area of North America as well as South America.

One of the more recent episodes of Gold Rush aired earlier this month and titled “The Viking Detective” featured an appearance by none other than McElroy®. Specifically, it was the Rolling 618 that helped the miners tackle a jam they were in. The machine was also accompanied by another popular McElroy tool: the PolyHorse.

The Rolling 618 Fusion Machine has remained one of McElroy’s strongest products. Not unlike other McElroy tools, the Rolling 618 boasts a comprehensive, easily removable four-jaw carriage that dramatically eases remote fusion needs. The system is something of a midway point between the fusion of large and small diameters. In situations where a finite amount of room is reserved, the outer jaw and skid also allow for detachment from the carriage to make the Rolling 618 even easier to use.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in machinery equipment and machinery supply. We have more than two decades providing professional solutions in The Guianas, the Caribbean, and Suriname, supplying brands like Performance Pipe, McElroy, Carboline, and more. With our years of experience working as exporters and purchasing agents, we look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call 305-570-3831 for additional information on our product selection, industrial equipment rentals, or industrial products online.