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Composite Pipes Prove Safer Than Steel

Baker Hughes, one of the leaders in global energy technology, has developed a new composite pipe that is set to bring onshore progress to Australia. Some of the biggest driving factors being the much higher safety benefits during mobilization and installing the pipes.


The Houston, Texas-based energy company leads the field with a diverse portfolio of equipment, services, and the design and manufacturing of various technological operations in over 120 countries worldwide.


Their pipes provide a flexible solution that helps the natural transition from steel pipes to a non-metallic type of pipe, proving safer, faster to install, and overall more economical. These pipes need much less space for easements and rights of way with fewer workers required for installation.


The lightweight design also requires less equipment such as transportation trucks – one truck can transport 3.5km, where steel pipes only allow room from 1.5km.


Fewer space and equipment mean safer installation. It takes less time and the materials’ low weight. Along with it, a mitigated risk for system or recruitment failures. A team of three can effectively install a line while keeping the pipe unspooled from the a-frame and laid in longer lengths than stick pipes.


Composite pipes are known to be a better alternative than steel since they result in a longer-lasting infrastructure that is both more sustainable and more economical. No corrosion and fewer repairs with a low risk of needing new infrastructure reduce the need for workers to revisit job sites.


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Fighting the Effects of Corrosion

Corrosion is a significant cause of pipeline failures worldwide. As a chemical reaction, it typically involves a trio of factors: the pipe itself, the soil, and water, along with the electrochemical reaction itself. The chemical alterations of metals from the very air, such as rust iron and steel or green patina formation on copper and its alloys (bronze, brass) are recognized causes.

Due to the effects of corrosion, it is important to use pipe capable of resisting such effects. Ultraviolet rays, for example, can damage the pipe over time. This is where Fusio-Tech UV Black Piping can save the day. It is a polypropylene pipe solution capable of protecting against these rays. With its built-in UV protection, pipe painting is not a major priority. Built for many years of durability, the pipe can withstand the effects of Mother Nature as well as the effects of cement, plaster, and electrochemical reactions.

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