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3 Ways to Reduce Construction Project Downtime

Downtime is one of the greatest expenses companies have on job sites. Scheduled repairs, unexpected repairs, and even equipment failure can result in a large productivity gap, costing you money, time, and causing a struggle to meet deadlines. Overuse of machines is one of the most common reasons for downtime. Overscheduling and overuse can cause injury, property damage to machinery, and unhappy operators.


Even though your machinery supply needs to rest, much like humans, downtime can be reduced from time to time.


Always keep up with the recommended and required maintenance. Industrial equipment rentals have strict maintenance schedules and should be checked often to discover possible damage. Catching these problems before your machine heads to a job site can prevent other, more costly, issues.


Consider the weather. Plan accordingly to the area’s forecast, and you will surely avoid any unnecessary delays with projects. While it can be difficult to predict the weather exactly, keep a close watch over the expected forecast for the next few days, and especially the day of.


Pay attention to project management. Poor management can be the downfall of many construction projects. Make sure your team understands zoning laws, building regulations, and other local zoning regulations. Equip your team with the appropriate amount of staff and tools for the project. Failure to do so may result in a project lasting much longer than the projected completion date.


While you cannot avoid machine repairs and maintenance, following these tips can help your company avoid more complex equipment issues that result in wasteful downtime. Proper planning and resources can help you make the most of a job and finish with success.

The McElroy Difference in Thermoplastic Pipes

McElroy Parts, a division of MimeCo machinery supply, is an industry-wide, highly recognizable name due to its efficiency and cutting-edge pipe fusion technology across the world. Founded in 1954, McElroy has become one of the leading industry experts in joining thermoplastic pipes. Their investment in high-quality technology and their commitment to quality works translates to their productivity in the field. When you choose McElroy, you can ensure you have quality-backed products in distribution, service, and support.


One way McElroy makes a difference is through the use of the theory of heat fusion. The principle of heat fusion heats two surfaces and fuses them together by force, thus producing pressure that causes a flow of the melted materials, causing mixing and fusion. When a thermoplastic pipe heats up, the molecular structure transforms into an amorphous condition, allowing the molecules from each pipe to end up in the mix. When the joint cools, the molecules move back to their original form. The original interfaces fade and the two surfaces (or pipes) become one pipe.


Through McElroy, the fusion process becomes simple. First, the pipe pieces are held available for operations to occur. Then the pipe ends are faced for clean and parallel surfaces, going perpendicular to the centerline of the pipes involved. The pipe is then heated up, with a melting pattern making its way into the pipe itself, forming around both ends. When fusing the pipe together, the force on the joint is held until the joints are cooled.


McElroy makes a much needed but complicated process more simple through their commitment to quality. Contact us about renting their products through our industrial equipment rentals.

MimeCo and IPF-Plasson

MimeCo has been working with Texas-based manufacturer IPF-Plasson for several years and offers many of its products. IPF-Plasson is a full-line pressure HDPE pipe manufacturer, with sizes ranging from ½” to 65” and pressures up to 320 psi to lower pressure ones up to 120” in diameter. They manufacture Spirolite pipes, tanks, structures, and their products are recognized globally for their cost-efficiency, lightweight design, and weather-resistant options. IPF-Plasson’s products require less maintenance and have quite a long service lifespan. All products meet ASTM, PPI, AWWA, API, ISO, and FM specifications.


ElectroFusion with IPF-Plasson products offers quality assurance. All ElectroFusion fittings that hold a rating of 160 psi or higher are manufactured with PE 4710 black compounded resins that are listed in the PPI TR-4 and meet international standards for portable water. Products are evaluated on a system in accordance with ISO 9001 and an operating approval according to ISO 9001.


IPF-Plasson offers fabricated fittings through machinery supply service offerings at MimeCo. The line of HDPE pipe fittings is made with high-level engineering design, quality control, production management, and top-of-the-line customer service. All fabricated fittings are active in ASTM, PPI, AWWA, API, and FM specifications, along with industry adaptation of PE 4710.


Spirolites are thermoplastic pipes with diameters through 120”. The pipe is the only high-density polyethylene system in the country that offers a cost-competitive alternative to traditional piping, focusing on improving sanitary sewers and industrial waste applications. Spirolites meet ASTM F-894 requirements.


MimeCo also offers industrial equipment rentals in addition to top-of-the-line products. Please visit us online for more information.

Performance Pipes Through MimeCo

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, is the largest producer of polyethylene piping in North America and MimeCo is proud to offer its products. With over 40 years of results-driven performance, Performance Pipe provides quality and innovation with chemical and corrosion resistance, low lifecycle cost, lightweight, flexible, and environmentally sound machinery supply.


The DRISCOPLEX 1000 Series Pipe, a large diameter industrial HDPE pipe, complies with ASTM d3035 and ASTM f714 product standards. Made from high-quality HDPE pipe material, this pipe is lead-free and manufactured with approved PE4710 resin. Optional color stripes include green (for wastewater), purple (treated effluent, reclaimed water), and white/grey/brown (for custom specifications).


The Driscoplex 4000/4100 Series Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe complies with ASTM d3035/AWWA C901, ASTM f714/AWWA C906, and NSF/ANSI 61 product standards. This pipe is manufactured along with the criteria for Factory Mutual FM1613. Customizations for application identifications include portable water, wastewater, treated effluent, reclaimed rainwater, underground fire mains, factory mutuals, and other specifications.


Performance Pipe Driscoplex 6400 Series is optimized specifically for energy application piping. The Driscoplex 64000 can be used for crude oil collection, crude oil transportation, gas gathering, leachate collection systems, landfill methane, brine, raw water, and oil field piping energy applications. System painting includes Shale Methane Recovery, Shale Hydromanufacting, and CO2 Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (ECBM).


All of Performance Pipe’s facilities for manufacturing are certified along with specifications for the latest edition of ISO 9001. For more information on MimeCo and industrial equipment rentals, please visit us online.

Renting Equipment with MimeCo

MimeCo is a proud distributor of McElroy parts, with well over 270 units within our rental fleet. Rental size range capabilities range from 1″ to 65″ O.D., and if you own your own machine, our team of experienced mechanics can repair and service your fusion machines and machinery supply.


Some of the products we offer for industrial equipment rentals:


  • McElroy Sidewinder: this fusion machine allows saddle fuse 4″ IPS and smaller tranch saddles, tapping tees, and service saddles that fit into 1.25″ IPS or larger sizes. Choose from the Jaw Clamp Sidewinder or the Chain Clamp – both have DataLogger capabilities.

  • 2LC: this fuse works with 16mm to 60mm sized pipes, using semi-automatic locking cam systems to keep up with force in the cooling cycle.

  • Pit Bull 14: a compact, lightweight, reliable machine that fuses fittings with high-quality results through a semi-automatic locking cam system.

  • Pit Bull 26: fuses pipes up to 180mm with a 6″ IPS insert set. Part of McElroy’s Centerline Guidance System, the semi-automatic locking cam holds the ability to fit on the Manual Fusion Stand accessory.

  • Rolling 28: can butt duse pipes up to 225mm, the ability to incorporate the 28 four-jaw carriages, easily removable for in-ditch fusion. This machine has been the industry standard for 30 years.

  • TracStar 28: the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed, making the machine easily convertible to a 3-jaw carriage, offering self-contained and self-propelled track-mounted vehicles.


For a complete list of McElroy part rentals and to learn more about MimeCo, please visit us online.

Ground Breaking Restoration Project in Partnership with U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Full-employee-owned engineering, architecture, and construction firm Burns & McDonnell partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton to begin the Moose Creek Restoration Project, restoring unused golf course to be used as a natural riparian protected habitat. The project will also support the environmental and safety improvements made by the Marine Corps Air Stations (MSAS) Camp Pendleton.


Founded in 1898, Burns & McDonnell has 60 offices worldwide, with over 7,600 engineers, architects, scientists, and technologists planning critical infrastructure. They are currently ranked ninth in the top 500 Design Firms in the United States per Engineering News-Record.


Commanding Officer Col. Richard T. Anderson says of the project, “This project not only solves a decades-old aviation safety violation but does so while supporting endangered species and the community.”


Burns & McDonnell plans on removing all inactive structures, including tennis courts and parking lots. Reactivating natural floodplains by implementing a high-flow stream channel and restoring nature to help improve the overall ecosystem and preserve long-term environmental initiatives.


The project is completing the environmental review process, will likely need machinery supply, and is projected to complete 2022. Burns & McDonnell, in partnership with Camp Pendleton, will track progress and restoration after completion with the oversight of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment rentals. We look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call MimeCo at 305-570-3831 for additional information.

Plastic Scrap Prices Rise With a Tight Supply

Supply has slimmed, and pricing increased on polyethylene terephthalate (PET), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polypropylene (PP) scraps. Pricing has reached an all-time high. High-grade PET bales are at 30 centers per pound in the state of California, with prices in the Midwest and Southeast at 20 cents per pound.


The demand has increased thanks in part to supply constraints that have impacted new material throughout North America. Supply distributions are broader across plastics that have yet to be recycled, with a large portion of the industry rushing eagerly to collect new plastic. The allocations come as chemical producers in the Gulf Coast are still recovering from severe winter weather disruptions for industry-wide production processes.


It is unclear yet how exactly the machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals industries will be impacted, but overall it is expected they will see some of the effects of pricing increases.

Natural and colored HDPE bales along with polypropylene tubs and lids have reached a new high for pricing and sales. HDPE bottle bales sell for up to 98 cents per pound, colored sells for up to 46 cents per pound, and PP tub and lid bales go for up to 39 cents per bound. HDPE has also increased in popularity in recent years as it takes far less energy to manufacture than other types of materials used in piping, making it a sought-after material to boost environmentally friendly focused efforts.


Essentially, rigid bulk bales have exponentially increased. Natural HDPE has far exceeded supply. HIgher costs of PP could cause recovery facilities to invest instead in recovering this type of material.

Looking into Itron’s Debt

Debt can be an important part of capital structure for large companies, assisting in overall growth. It typically has lower financing than equity, making it popular among some of the biggest corporations in the country, and even in the world.

Itron’s share (NASDAQ:ITRI) has decreased by 9.22% over the recent few months. Based on reports released in early May, their long-term debt sits at $496.53 million, while their current debt (amount of debt due within one year) is $400 million, making for a total of $896.53 million in total debt. If adjusted for cash equivalents (cash and liquid securities with a maturity period of 90 days or less), it would be $574.59, making the net debt $321.94 million.

With $2.93 billion in total assets, their debt ratio is 0.31. Higher debt ratios can be a strong indicator that most of the debt is funded by assets and imply that a company may be at risk for default if interest rates begin to increase.

Interest payment obligations can impact the cash flow a company has involving their debt. Equity owners may keep excess profit pulled out from their debt capital when used for operations as it pertains to the line of business.

It is not uncommon for large companies to have massive amounts of debt, but whether this is a good or bad debt and asset component depends on market behavior and the overall economy.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment such as machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals. We look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call MimeCo at 305-570-3831 for additional information.

Australia’s Gold Coast Prepares for Expanding Population

Australia’s Gold Coast attracts many people, from tourists to local Australian natives. It is estimated that by 2050, their population will double to 1.2 million people (from 540,559 in 2016). With this boom in population comes a new set of demands on the city’s water infrastructure, nearly at capacity.

Gold Coast is one of the largest recycled water users and treats several million liters of wastewater for irrigation. Their sustainable water solutions reduce expenses and conserve drinking water, an ever crucial step due to the region’s frequent droughts.

The city has rolled out the Long Term Recycled Water Release Plan, a $70 million investment that will upgrade pump stations for an overall more efficient system, with large volumes of wastewater (which will be treated) going towards the irrigation of public spaces like parks.

Darren Chandler, owner of GEM Industrial, says of the project, “All our guys on the project were really proud to be there… It’s a beautiful part of the world and definitely a great project to be involved with for sure.”

Two new pipelines were installed under waterways and riverbeds with trench-less methods to preserve the city’s clean environment. A 2,500mm diameter pipeline was placed under the Broadwater Crossing, with installation from a tunnel boring machine. The second, a 1,200mm diameter, high-density, polyethylene pipe, sits below the Nerang River bottom through horizontal directional drilling.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment such as machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals. We look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call MimeCo at 305-570-3831 for additional information. Machinery Supply, Industrial Equipment Rentals

Fusion Data Recording Is Essential

Many that do not have actionable data expertise are being left behind in today’s manufacturing and development environment. The McElroy DataLogger®, which is at the heart of McElroy’s data logging solution, allows you to collect and record the most valuable data generated on your jobsite.

Your operation must develop best practices for documenting the whole fusion process to show that your jobsite follows the current ASTM F3124 requirements. Data recording, however, has several other advantages above basic enforcement. It guarantees the pipeline joints are fully fused before being buried and placed into operation. It also shows a higher degree of obligation and oversight, which can offer contractors an edge over rivals that forego recording data.

A reliable data recording practice helps administrators and others to review reports stored remotely, giving them crucial insight on whether an individual is performing the right protocols and consistently delivering high-quality outcomes. This is advantageous for fusion preparation as well as long-term staff.

The DataLogger software from McElroy offers you the resources you need to seize upon those advantages in a solution that is comprehensive and a device that is robust and built for heavy-duty demands.

By tracking key factors of the fusion process and offering unparalleled insight into heat soak times, open/close times, cool time, jobsite and operator detail, and more, DataLogger lets you make sure that all joints are fused with the correct pressure and times according to established requirements.

All of this information can be stored in the McElroy Vault™, which enables fast and easy sorting, entry, and marking, and sharing of joint documents by computer, user, operator, computer, or task.

If you would like more information on the McElroy DataLogger, machinery supply, or if you need industrial equipment rentals for your job, please contact us.