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The TracStar iSeries From McElroy Parts

The TracStar iSeries From McElroy Parts

The TracStar iSeries provides the pipe fusion industry with a new level of performance and reliability. This new family fusion machine builds on the historic ruggedness of the original Tracstar, with self-contained tracked vehicles, while adding revolutionary technology. The TracStar iSeries improves the user experience all the way around.


McElroy iSeres machines are powered by FusionGuide Control System, with integrated software guides that bring the user through every step of the fusion process by the easy-to-use tablet. Once the operator has prepared the pipe and has inputted all of the joint details, the guided workflow manages various functions such as machine pressures, heater actions, carriage, shift sequence, and more.


With The TracStar iSeries, standards compliance and successful fusion can be an everyday part of the job site.


The technology in The TracStar iSeries features:


  • Emission compliant engines

  • CAN bus control system

  • Hydraulic upgrades

  • Mechanical upgrades

  • Electrical upgrades

  • Integrated software-controlled machine captions (including manual and fully automatic)

  • Improved operator consistency


iSeries machines allow users to choose three different levels of operator interaction and FusionGuide assistance:


  • Level 1: manual control allows the operator control of carriage position and times in the fusion process.

  • Level 2: enhance guided workflow has a software-controlled shift sequence along with fusion times with an on-screen prompt

  • Level 3: automatic fusion is a fully automatic software-controlled process.


To learn more about The TracStar iSeries, visit


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The McElroy PolyPorter

MimeCo, industrial equipment rentals and machinery supply company, is proud to offer McElroy Parts. McElroyparts provides cutting-edge solutions to any worksite, elevating and simplifying the work process for faster and more relatable results – including the use of the PolyPorter.


The McElroy PolyPorter is designed for pipe portability for 2″ IPS to 8″ DPS pipes, ranging from 63 mm to 250 mm sizes. The PolyPorter was made a specialty for the roles of a pipeline contractor, handling pipes in the field. Combining the mechanical advantages of a dolly with the usability and efficiency of a pipe, McElroy has crafted one of the most dependable tools for job sites.


One person can easily load the pipe into a fusion machine without the worry of strain. From there, it can quickly be pushed through the roller-equipped hook arm to the fusion machine. The jack helps the pipe operator raise and lower the machine (the PolyPorter) to match the pipe level, even in uneven and unstable terrain.


The PolyPorter helps support other machines such as the Pit Bull 14 and 26 Productivity Packages. These packages help simplify the process of ordering parts and machines – through it, contractors can order fusion machines (PolyPorters and a Manual Fusion Machine Stand), creating job functions that complete job site projects in half the time for half the money.


Interested in ordering a McElroy PolyPorter? Contact MimeCo online by simply filling out our contact form on the product page. From there, a member of our team will get in touch with you about ordering.

MimeCo Brings You Industry Best Industrial Equipment

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corp., or MimeCo, has been bringing customers the best machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals since 1984. MimeCo has been serving oil, gas, mining, and power companies worldwide to assist with on-site projects, helping these industries run smoothly with top-of-the-line equipment.

We distribute many different types of products, including:

  • Valve, Fitting and Gaskets

  • Hand Tools

  • Gaskets, Bearing and Seal

  • Distributors of Carbon Steel Fittings and Flanges

  • Safety Equipment

  • Pumps

  • Electrical Equipment

We have experience working with a variety of companies in these industries, offering products from brands like McElroy Parts, Dickies, and Performance Pipe. As a MimeCo customer, you will get access to full-service fabrication and manufacturing fittings that can be used in numerous HDPE pipe applications. Need customized help? We offer fittings that can match your exact needs, so you get the very best every time.

Our merchandise is checked and inspected prior to shipping. If there are any errors at all, we will repack for you. We also offer forwarding services and can take a preferred forwarder for your equipment to be delivered to.

The MimeCo team is full of people who have a passion for the industry and want to provide helpful solutions for our local and international clientele base. We are ready to serve you with solutions that work, answer your questions, and support you during your time as our customer or client.

You can view a full list of our product and services offerings online, including rental equipment. For more information on MimeCo, please call us at 305.748.4995.

How to Avoid Renting the Wrong Equipment

Renting equipment to assist in on-site projects is a valuable experience as well as a great business strategy. Businesses across America rent out equipment every day, and when it comes to MimeCo supply, they hardly find many disadvantages with machinery supply. However, there are a few key mistakes that can be avoided, especially when you are new to industrial equipment rentals. When you know what to look out for, you can save time and money.


Renting the wrong type of equipment can prove to be a costly mistake. You will be stuck with it until you are able to replace it, so knowing how to select the right machines is one of the most vital parts of any job. You want to select a machine that is able to withhold the capacity of the job, increase productivity by running efficiently, and be something that your team can use.


First, you will want to make sure you understand the full scope of the work. Get details about the job and what exactly your team will be doing there. Then, see if there are any special requirements needed. This will vary based upon the job, but if there are any additional requirements, you want to make sure you are aware of this before starting any job so that you have all the right materials.


Then, determine how long you will need the machine. Know the start date so you can rent out equipment ahead of time and will not have to deal with any delays due to late machines. When you do not schedule ahead of time, you also risk not having the right machines available to you.


Know your project inside and out well in advance, and you will have a much easier time finding what you need.

Level Up Your Skills With McElroy Training

Interested in leveling up your skillset when it comes to machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals? McElroy Parts offers hands-on training through McElroy University training. For the last 39 years, McElroy has been the leading pipe fusion manufacturer to offer any type of in-depth training on a continuous basis. Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and skills always has the opportunity to do so.

Courses at McElroy University will help students use McElroy machines in the most efficient and safest manner. Classes are designed for hands-on training, learning valuable skills through the machines present in class, which are a replica of what is present on actual job sites.

Proper machine operations and procedures are the highest educational priority through all classes. By the end of each course, students will feel more confident and ready to enter the field. Assessments will be delivered through both written and hands-on testing to demonstrate full knowledge of machine operations.

Courses offered include:

  • Small, medium, and large diameter for underground construction
  • Auto machines for underground/construction
  • Fusion inspector for underground/construction
  • Socker and butt fusion for HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing
  • Custom training for specialized situations

Since the early 1960s, McElroy has been making an impact as an industry leader in manufacturing and engineering in markets located in India, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and the United States. Their mission is to drive growth and profit while dedicating themselves to assisting with the needs of their community, employees, and customers. With McElroy Parts, you can find high-quality products, teamwork, accountability, integrity, and a constant desire to grow.

Tulsa, OK Uses McElroy Parts in New Sewer Project

In Woody Crest, an upscale neighborhood in the central region of Tulsa, OK, a new sewer project went underway that involved a major update with HDPE pipes. Most of the homes in the neighborhood, one of the city’s oldest, while priced in the multi-million-dollar range, are already on the city’s sanitary sewer line. However, a great number are still using their own septic systems.


Tri-Star Construction, LLC, the project’s main contractor, started work on updating the neighborhood’s sewer system in mid-May.


HDPE pipes were chosen for this project due to their flexibility and ability to drill directionally in established neighborhoods – pipes can be installed underground in a predefined path in this case. The updating process requires horizontal drilling directional in two segments of 10 inch HDPE pipes, then installing new manholes for tie-ins and alignment changes to the pipes. McElroy Parts’ TracStar® 412 and DataLogger® to record fusion joints.


Poly Pro Inc’s Ben Murphy, who is fusing the HDPE pipes, says of the project, “We are doing this work in an established neighborhood with expensive homes. The last thing we want to do is disrupt any of the landscaping and surrounding properties. ” The project was initially designed to be as discreet as possible.


When each section is fused, bead removal from R&L Manufacturing will occur to ensure free-flowing upon installation. The total cost of the project is estimated to reach $880,000.


McElroy Parts is a division of MimeCo, machinery supply online. For more information about our industrial equipment rentals, please visit us online.

Careers with McElroy Fusion Parts

The machinery supply industry needs hard-working and knowledgeable individuals to make it run successfully. Handling equipment and carrying out on-site projects take a certain level of care – and McElroy Fusion Parts is looking for individuals to help them deliver top-notch results on all their projects to all their clients.


Material Handler: needed full-time in Tulsa, OK. Material handlers work in climate-controlled facilities and perform stock-keeping functions for all goods – receipt verification, packaging, inventory counting, and picking orders for customers. Job functions must be completed promptly, and Material Handlers must be available to help secure shipments to vehicles and trailers. Safety must be a priority for this position.


Software Developer: corporate office in Tulsa, OK. The Software Developer will design, code, and test software for business applications, with the ideal candidate having strong analytical and problem-solving skills. An understanding of technical and programming applications and a business point of view are needed. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary due to the nature of collaboration. The Software Developer must have experience analyzing business application requirements for functional areas (finance, marketing, manufacturing, marketing, human resources.)


Assembly Technician: needed full-time in Tulsa, OK. Mechanical Assembly Technicians work in the climate-controlled area where machines are assembled. They will work with mechanical and hydraulic parts. Knowledge of motor mechanics, electric wiring (basic level), and schematics/blueprints are needed. Communication and teamwork skills are a requirement.


McElroy Fusion Parts, a division of MimeCo, industrial equipment rentals, has more job openings online. To apply for any of the above positions, please visit their career page online.

McElroy Parts Attends The Big 5 – International Building & Construction Show

This year, McElroy Parts attended The Big 5 – International Building & Construction Show at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. There, the McElroy team showcased their HDPE and polypropylene fusion equipment like the TracStar® 618, Rolling 250, PitBull® 26, the Acrobat™ 160, Hornet, and Spider™.


The tradeshow, hosted by The Big 5, alongside the sponsorship of Shuco, Saudi Made, Zoomlion, Akfa, Technoform, BPA worldwide, and a multitude of other sponsors from around the world, safely opened its doors for in-person conferencing as well as virtual capabilities. For the last seven months, Dubai has hosted ten in-person global exhibitions, bringing in participants from all over the world. Wider aisles, sanitization, social distancing, and masks were all required for their ongoing safety measures.


While the in-person event ran from September 12 to September 15, online opportunities will be available for viewing until November 17. The event hosted over 1,200 exhibitors from 50 countries, including 150 international speakers, 70 CPD-certified talks, and three high-level summits. Talks and summit topics included:

  • Don’t Panic! Addressing sustainable design and improving quality of life in cities through innovation.

  • HVAC Replacement VS Retrofitting: Benefits and rewards

  • HSE Facility Management and tools to adopt


The tradeshow also featured products available for purchase, such as construction tools, personal protection equipment, heavy construction equipment, machinery, vehicles, and other construction materials such as urban design technologies and services.


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3 Ways to Reduce Construction Project Downtime

Downtime is one of the greatest expenses companies have on job sites. Scheduled repairs, unexpected repairs, and even equipment failure can result in a large productivity gap, costing you money, time, and causing a struggle to meet deadlines. Overuse of machines is one of the most common reasons for downtime. Overscheduling and overuse can cause injury, property damage to machinery, and unhappy operators.


Even though your machinery supply needs to rest, much like humans, downtime can be reduced from time to time.


Always keep up with the recommended and required maintenance. Industrial equipment rentals have strict maintenance schedules and should be checked often to discover possible damage. Catching these problems before your machine heads to a job site can prevent other, more costly, issues.


Consider the weather. Plan accordingly to the area’s forecast, and you will surely avoid any unnecessary delays with projects. While it can be difficult to predict the weather exactly, keep a close watch over the expected forecast for the next few days, and especially the day of.


Pay attention to project management. Poor management can be the downfall of many construction projects. Make sure your team understands zoning laws, building regulations, and other local zoning regulations. Equip your team with the appropriate amount of staff and tools for the project. Failure to do so may result in a project lasting much longer than the projected completion date.


While you cannot avoid machine repairs and maintenance, following these tips can help your company avoid more complex equipment issues that result in wasteful downtime. Proper planning and resources can help you make the most of a job and finish with success.

The McElroy Difference in Thermoplastic Pipes

McElroy Parts, a division of MimeCo machinery supply, is an industry-wide, highly recognizable name due to its efficiency and cutting-edge pipe fusion technology across the world. Founded in 1954, McElroy has become one of the leading industry experts in joining thermoplastic pipes. Their investment in high-quality technology and their commitment to quality works translates to their productivity in the field. When you choose McElroy, you can ensure you have quality-backed products in distribution, service, and support.


One way McElroy makes a difference is through the use of the theory of heat fusion. The principle of heat fusion heats two surfaces and fuses them together by force, thus producing pressure that causes a flow of the melted materials, causing mixing and fusion. When a thermoplastic pipe heats up, the molecular structure transforms into an amorphous condition, allowing the molecules from each pipe to end up in the mix. When the joint cools, the molecules move back to their original form. The original interfaces fade and the two surfaces (or pipes) become one pipe.


Through McElroy, the fusion process becomes simple. First, the pipe pieces are held available for operations to occur. Then the pipe ends are faced for clean and parallel surfaces, going perpendicular to the centerline of the pipes involved. The pipe is then heated up, with a melting pattern making its way into the pipe itself, forming around both ends. When fusing the pipe together, the force on the joint is held until the joints are cooled.


McElroy makes a much needed but complicated process more simple through their commitment to quality. Contact us about renting their products through our industrial equipment rentals.