Ensuring Safety with the McElroy Tritan 560™ Machinery Equipment

McElroy’s Tritan 560™ machinery equipment was designed with operator safety in mind. The DataLogger, a ruggedized touchscreen tablet, allows for all functions to be wirelessly controlled, as well as collects important information real-time. This allows a single operator to control all parts of the pipe loading and fusion process and also gives them the ability to position themselves where they have good visibility and can safely manipulate the machine.

The McElroy Tritan 560 has a bottom-loading carriage, which eliminates the need to lift pipes overhead and into the machine. The boom arms can raise, extend, and curl the carriage over a range of motion, allowing the operator to precisely adjust the carriage without having to move the vehicle itself. The carriage can also be removed and operated in a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration, in both a top-loading or bottom-loading setup, for maximum flexibility in the field. This also helps when in confined spaces or in-ditch applications, as the carriage can be loaded directly onto the pipe from above, minimizing the amount of excavation required under the pipe.

In addition, the Tritan allows for a tether connection when wireless signals are restricted or unavailable. Using the DataLogger to wirelessly control Tritan allows operators to carry out the fusion process from the safest possible position. By using this machinery equipment, operators can ensure a safe and efficient fusion process.

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