Unlocking the Power of McElroy® Sidewinder® Fusion Machines

If you’re looking for an efficient, reliable way to join pipes, McElroy® Sidewinder® fusion machines are the perfect solution. These machines, part of the McElroy line of fusion equipment, are designed to make pipe joining and fusion easier, faster and more effective.


The McElroy Sidewinder fusion machines offer incredible versatility, allowing you to quickly and securely saddle fuse 4″ IPS and smaller branch saddles, tapping tees and service saddle fittings onto 1¼” IPS and larger main sizes. Whether you’re working in an open or constricted space, there’s a Sidewinder machine to fit your needs — standard size machines for larger fittings and a more compact version for tighter areas and smaller fittings.


The McElroy Sidewinder fusion machines are available in two sizes and configurations. The Jaw Clamp Sidewinder is designed for fusing branch saddles, tapping tees, and service saddle fittings onto 1¼” to 4″ IPS main sizes. The Chain Clamp Sidewinder gives you the added benefit of fusing main sizes bigger than 4″ IPS with the help of a chain extension kit. Both of these machines are available as either a standard machine or a compact unit for close-quarter work or when fusing smaller fittings.


When planning a fusion job, it is important to consider the type of pipe, job requirements, and pipe fusion standards. McElroy Sidewinders are a great tool for selecting the most suitable gauge pressure for the fittings you plan to fuse. Their lower pressure gauges provide more precise readings with small increments. For the best results, check with the manufacturer of the fittings to find out their recommended fusion pressure.


The McElroy Sidewinder fusion machines are an incredibly powerful and reliable solution for joining large diameter pipes. The machine offers a number of features that make it easy to use and maintain, and its durability and reliability make it perfect for those who need to join pipes.



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