Introducing the McElroy Tritan™ 560

The Tritan 560™, which was unveiled at InFusion22, combines characteristics from three of McElroy’s most cutting-edge machines: the dependable portability and technology of the TracStar® iSeries, pipe loading capabilities of the Talon™ 2000, and the capacity to meet the pipe where it lies, found in McElroy’s Acrobat™ QuikFit® carriages.


There is no need to draw pipe through the carriage in the field because the Tritan 560 can move to and along the pipe where it is. The Tritan increases jobsite efficiency and raises worker safety by eliminating the need to top-load pipe into the fusion machine. It has a full 360-degree rotation and a boom that can raise, lengthen, and curl the carriage to approach and load pipe.


Standard fusions with the Tritan 560 no longer require lifting pipe into the machine thanks to its bottom-loading carriage. The carriage may also function in a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration and can be loaded from the top or bottom. It is also completely detachable. The carriage can be put directly onto the pipe from above in tight locations or for applications in ditches, requiring less excavation around the pipe.


Use the DataLogger to wirelessly operate the Tritan 560 in all modes. Since all controls have been linked with machine operations, only one operator is required to manage the entire pipe loading and fusing process. In addition, when tethering is required, the Tritan enables users to connect the DataLogger, enabling operation in places where wireless signals are constrained or nonexistent. The Tritan 560 will begin shipping in the spring 


Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MimeCo) specializes in industrial equipment, such as machinery equipment and industrial equipment rentals. We look forward to providing your company with dependable, high-quality products and services at competitive costs. MIMECO is an authorized distributor of McElroy products. For further information, call MIMECO at 305-570-3831.


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