3 PE Pipe Maintenance Tips to Keep In Mind

Pipes are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in any water system. Even though the pipes’ longevity is assured, here are three recommendations for keeping them in good shape.


Observing Proper Transportation Procedures

PE pipes are made of lightweight materials that are simple to install and transport. They must be handled carefully at the same time. To avoid damaging both the outer and inner sides of the pipes, a forklift should be used to pick up and load the pipes for delivery.


Perform Regular Inspections

Include a periodic physical inspection in the maintenance schedule for your PE pipes. Regular inspection is crucial, especially when PE pipes are installed in vulnerable or dangerous locations. Always check the state of the structures connected to the piping system and the pipes themselves.


Replace Damaged or Leaking Pipes Immediately

PE pipes that are leaking or damaged unexpectedly need to be fixed right away. The majority of damage to PE pipes can be attributed to its exterior wall. Depending on how badly damaged the pipe is, there are various repair techniques. For minor damages, you can use an Electrofusion Patch. Make sure the water is not flowing through the pipe. Ensure that the environment is dry. In addition to electrofusion repair, mechanical fitting repair is another option, particularly when cutting damaged areas. Small fractures on a broken PE pipe may be repaired using saddle fusion.


One of the most popular types of pipes in the industry is HDPE. Even though they have many advantages, it is still preferable to take good care of them. For more information on how to maintain PE pipes, contact your manufacturer.


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