What Is HDPE Pipe Fusion? And How Does It Work?

Pipe fusion has grown in popularity over the last few decades and is now the preferred method for joining HDPE pipe. Using fusion machine equipment, pipes, valves, fittings, and other accessories are heated and connected.


There are numerous names for pipe fusion, including butt welding, heat fusion, heat welding, and simply, fusion. Whatever name you give it, the procedure and outcome are the same. The melting point of one piece is reached before it is heated to the point of joining it to another piece made of the same material. When fusion is performed successfully, two components become a single piece of material. The process of heating, connecting, and cooling creates a chemical bond that is stronger than any mechanical connection. Moreover, without the bolts and gaskets of a mechanical connection, the likelihood of a leak is diminished.


Pipe fusion is helpful or necessary in various situations. This technique creates a bond that is as strong as a single piece of material, which is useful if a segment of a pipe needs to be replaced with a new pipe. Pipe fusion can give an existing piping system a secure adhesion when accessories need to be added. Additionally, pipe fusion enables the construction of intricate turns and bends that match the available area while building a pipe system.


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