Safety and Operation of Pipe Handling Accessories

To raise and handle pipe, a variety of pipe handling accessories are available. The majority of them are combined with machinery equipment for lifting. Here’s a closer look at several pipe handling accessories to help you understand them better.



Pipe drafts must be safely slung before being hoisted by a crane to prevent pipes from sliding, especially at the top layer. On unstrapped pipes, double slings must be used unless it is impossible. The most typical varieties of slings are wide band slings. Typically, manila or synthetic fibers are used to make them. They avoid pipe gouging or point loading by dispersing the lifting load across a wide area. They can be used with spreader bars or as chokers. When being lifted, chokers keep the pipe or fitting from slipping. It is advised to utilize spreader bars while lifting lengthy pieces of fused pipe.


Nylon Rope

Pipe can also be lifted using thick nylon rope. It acts as support in a manner akin to slings. They can be used with spreader bars or as chokers.



To raise pipe, you can also use tongs with a specific design. As the weight of the pipe rises, they offer lifting assistance. Do not use them beyond what is intended.



Ramps can occasionally be used to lower pipe with a smaller diameter. Ramps need the operator to release the pipe down the ramp while standing to the side. To prevent losing control while lowering, caution must be taken.


In the same way that lifting equipment must be frequently evaluated for signs of damage, so must accessories. Discard broken equipment and replace or repair them as necessary.


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