A Checklist for Personal Safety When Working With HDPE Pipes

Personal safety is essential when handling and working with HDPE pipes. There are numerous ways to help prevent workplace injuries and mishaps. Here’s a quick safety list for when handling pipe and other material:


Hard Hats

In addition to providing head protection, hard hats alert drivers and equipment operators to your presence at eye level. 

Steel-Toed Safety Shoes

Steel-toed safety shoes should generally be worn all the time. They are especially crucial if you have even the slightest chance of having falling objects drop on your feet.

Eye Protection

Always wear eye protection, especially when using cutting and joining equipment. Protective eyewear must adhere to ANSI Z87.1’s minimum standards. 

Work Gloves

Work gloves protect hands from scrapes and bruising caused by pipes, fusion equipment, and other objects’ sharp or rough edges.

Long-Sleeved Clothing

In addition to reducing cuts, bruises, and abrasions, long-sleeved clothing can also shield wearers from sunburn and/or poison ivy. 

High-Visibility Vests

When operating on or near a public street or highway, or at night, wear high-visibility vests. This lessens the possibility of you getting struck by a vehicle or piece of machinery while on the job site.


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