Five Methods for Cleaning PE Pipe

If the PE pipe has been in use for a long period, dirt and obstructions are bound to occur. In these instances, cleaning is essential to ensure that the PE pipe may be used normally and easily, as well increase its service life. Here are five methods for cleaning PE piping.

Cleaning With Chemicals

Chemical cleaning is the process of temporarily altering PE pipes with chemicals. For cyclic chemical cleaning, it makes use of the temporarily modified pipelines and circulating pumps. Chemical cleaning has the advantage of being adaptable as there are no constraints for pipe shape.  

Cleaning Using High-Pressure Water Jets

The debris on the inner surface of the pipe is sprayed clean with a high-pressure water flow of 50 mpa in the high-pressure water spray cleaning operation. The method’s limitation is that the pipe to be cleaned must be a short-distance pipe, as the longer the distance, the lower the water stream’s spray intensity. Furthermore, the pipe diameter must be greater than 50cm, as using high-pressure water for a pipe with a tiny diameter would not produce the cleaning effect.

Cleaning With Ultrasonic Sounds

Ultrasonic cleaning, as the name implies, involves using ultrasound to clean PE pipes. This technique has the advantage of being convenient, quick, and highly automated, as well as cleaning more completely, and reducing pollutants.

Cleaning Using Pipe Cleaners

The pipe cleaner relies mostly on the driving force created by the pump to propel the fluid to drive the pipe cleaner, ultimately expelling the dirt from the pipeline to achieve its cleaning purpose.

Pipeline Pigging

PIG Pigging uses the pump’s pushing force to propel the PIG ahead in the pipe. To achieve the cleaning goal, it discharges the filth that has accumulated in the pipeline. This technology is frequently utilized in pipeline cleaning projects, including process pipes, oil and gas pipelines in oil fields. It offers advantages that other methods cannot match, particularly for cleaning pipes that transmit fluids over vast distances.

Different environments necessitate distinct cleaning processes. Selecting the proper cleaning method enhances results. Therefore, be sure to select the appropriate cleaning method for your needs. 


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