The McElroy Polygon Is a Jack-Of-All-Trades for the Jobsite


The Polygon™ is a three-in-one machine that fabricates miter and butt fusion joints, as well as polyethylene pipe socket fusion. It is McElroy’s first manually-operated butt fusion machine with DataLogger® functionality, providing documentation that joints were fused according to appropriate standards. In addition, it is equipped with a hydraulic pressure gauge.

When compared to typical machines that use miter inserts, the Polygon’s pivoting jaws can lock in angles up to 45 degrees, allowing it to accomplish three times as many miter fusions each fitting. This time and cost savings, combined with its ability to operate in the field, reduces the cost and lead time for molded or fabricated fittings.

McElroy is the world leader in the design and manufacture of fusion equipment for joining thermoplastic pipes, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE), fusible PVC, and polypropylene. They also feature a wide range of accessories that might help you be more efficient and productive on the jobsite. The company’s market success can be attributed to an uncompromising commitment to excellence.


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