Solutions to Common PE Pipe Problems

PE pipes are commonly used in practice for urban water supply, urban gas supply, farmland irrigation, building water supply, and building drainage, among other things. In the real world, no matter whatever product you use, you will run across issues. We cannot guarantee that there will be no difficulties with this product, but if there are any, we will be able to solve them quickly and for as little money as possible. Here are some of the challenges that may develop with PE pipes, as well as their precise solutions.

Corrugations Appear on the Pipe’s Surface

Corrugation on the PE pipe’s surface is caused by two basic factors. The first is insufficient cooling, and the second is an improperly sized sealing ring, both of which cause vibration.

Don’t be alarmed; we can either increase the sizing sleeve’s water intake or the distance between the mouth touch and the sizing sleeve. You should also inspect the size of the vacuum tank seal ring. If the size is too tiny, a piece of the vacuum tank must be replaced or the vacuum reduced.

The Inner Wall Has Grooves in It

The grooves exist because the wall thickness is too thick, making it difficult for the melt to cool, resulting in flow. When faced with this situation, a central cooling system can be used to lower the temperature of the mouth and core.

Axial Roughness Exists on Both the Inner and Exterior Walls

We can directly dry the raw materials since the inner and outer walls of the PE pipe are axially rough due to the high water content of the raw materials.


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