Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Using HDPE Pipe

Treatment of rural residential sewage is a vital step in improving the rural human settlement environment, which is crucial for creating a new countryside with green waterways and green mountains.

In the treatment and transformation of rural home sewage, numerous viable models can be explored. The first method involves bringing sewage into the municipal sewage pipe network and having it treated at the municipal sewage treatment station. The second option is to collect sewage via a pipe network, construct a village-level integrated sewage treatment point nearby, and then return the treated sewage to fields on site after it has reached the required standard. The third method is to use integrated sewage treatment equipment at the household level, with one treatment per household.

Regardless of which sewage treatment method is used, the sewage drainage pipe is essential. Every household’s domestic sewage is collected through a sewage drainage pipe, transported to a sewage treatment station for treatment, and then discharged once the standard has been met. Because of its huge production capacity, smooth inner wall, flexible connection, no leakage, portability, ease of construction, and low cost, HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe is an ideal choice for drainage pipes used in rural home sewage treatment projects.

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is a revolutionary light pipe made of low-pressure polyethylene with an annular corrugated outer wall and a smooth inner wall. It has light weight, good durability, a quick building time, and a long service life. When compared to other isotropic pipes, double wall corrugated pipe has outstanding pipe wall structure design, which considerably reduces the cost, convenient construction and connection, corrosion aging resistance, and no leakage. It has replaced a considerable number of concrete and cast iron pipes both domestically and internationally.

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