Fusion Data Recording: A Must-Have on Any Job Site

Many people are being left behind in today’s production and development environment because they lack meaningful data skills. To demonstrate that your jobsite meets the current standards of today’s manufacturing regulations, your business must adopt best practices for documenting the entire fusion process. The McElroy DataLogger allows you to capture and record the most important information created on your jobsite.

Data recording ensures that the pipeline joints are completely fused before they are buried and put into service. It also demonstrates a higher level of responsibility and accountability, which can give contractors an advantage over competitors who do not keep track of data. Administrators and others can evaluate reports kept remotely with the help of a reliable data recording procedure, giving them critical insight into whether an individual is following the correct protocols and regularly generating high-quality results. This is beneficial for both fusion preparation and long-term operations.

McElroy’s DataLogger 6 gathers the most critical data from your fusion operation, ensuring that a joint was fused with the proper pressure and time according to supported standards. The ruggedized tablet keeps track of important fusion parameters, such as heat soak times, heating pressure, open/close times, fusion time, fusion pressure and cool time. A real-time graph provides rapid visual feedback and information about the integrity of each fusion joint to the operator.

The McElroy Vault securely stores and analyzes joint records from the DataLogger 6, enabling for quick and easy sorting, tagging and sharing of joint records by machine, joint, operator, device or job.


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