What to Consider When Choosing a McElroy Machine

McElroy is the world leader in the science of thermoplastic pipe joining, which is used in an increasing number of facilities. The selection of a fusion machine that will cater to your jobsite’s individual needs is an important aspect of every new installation.  Here are some suggestions when choosing a McElroy machine:


Consider Pipe Size

What is the range and thickness of the walls that will be involved? This will influence the carriage size and/or combination you require. If a low, medium or high-force fusion machine is appropriate for the project, it will be determined by pipe size, dimensional ratio (DR) and fusion requirements.


Determine the Magnitude of the Job

Fusing smaller pipes will necessitate different equipment than fusing huge pipes in a long pipeline. Consider portability and how much equipment will be carried from site to site for larger projects. If you have a lot of fusions planned for the day, a hydraulic clamping option should be seriously considered. Manual fusion machine operators rely on their own strength to apply fusion pressure, which can lead to fatigue. When the required muscle is hydraulically driven, a lot of time and effort can be saved. On the other hand, if only a few fusions are being performed, the most powerful machine may not be necessary. A more lightweight and cost-effective machine from the fusion product range would be a better choice.


Consider Your Deadlines Carefully

Money will be well spent on productivity tools that will accelerate the fusion process. If you have a complex project with a tight schedule, you should always use the best equipment available, regardless of cost. In the long run, it will save you time and money.


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