Simple Ways to Prevent Falls on the Construction Site

Falls account for more than one-third of all construction-related fatalities, thus fall prevention must be a top priority on any construction site. All falls can be avoided with the correct equipment and techniques, which means lives can be saved. By implementing a few simple changes, construction site managers can have a significant impact on the safety of their workers.


Use Proper Form

The “three points of contact” guideline holds that you should always have three limbs in contact with whatever you’re climbing or standing on, which maximizes stability and lowers risk.


Utilize Safety Devices

Worker harnesses and personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) are critical for preventing falls from unsafe heights.


Select the Appropriate Equipment

Whether it comes to avoiding falls, knowing how to utilize the correct ladder or when to use a lift instead of scaffolding is crucial.


Set Up Signage

Safe construction sites will use correct signs to indicate high-risk areas, such as leading (unprotected) edges, in addition to adopting several critical rules. 


Do a Walk-Through Every Day

Many project sites have supervisors, personnel or safety professionals conduct a daily walk-through to identify and resolve any hazards (including fall hazards) before starting work for the day as part of standard construction practices. Before starting work, some job sites use a job safety analysis template and have each employee sign off that all relevant workplace hazards have been identified and managed.


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