Optimized Fusion Solutions with McElroy’s Pitbull 26

McElroy Parts, the leading manufacturer and innovator of thermoplastic pipe fusion, pipe-handling and quality assurance equipment, continues to innovate with their PitBull 26. This fusion machine is used to fuse polyethylene pipes, ells, tees and other fittings together. Pit Bull fusion machines by McElroy are compact, lightweight and durable in their design.

Depending on the model, the Pit Bull 26 can fuse pipe sizes ranging from 2″ IPS to 6″ DIPS and 63mm to 180mm in diameter. The 26 is equipped with McElroy’s proprietary Centerline Guidance System, a semi-automatic locking cam system that maintains force during the cooling cycle. It is also able to be mounted on the Manual Fusion Machine Stand. The 26 fusion unit features a higher mechanical advantage ratio than the popular PitBull 14, as well as an electric facer with a balancing point handle for quick facing.

The upper jaws and control levers of the Pit Bull 26 fusion machine are reversible, allowing it to be used on either side of the machine. This permits the 26 to be operated from either side of the machine.

Pipe supplementary equipment such as the Manual Fusion Machine Stand, are also available.  This makes working with the Pit Bull 26, Pit Bull 14, and 2LC much more convenient. This stand can be raised to a comfortable operator’s position. Its height is compatible with the McElroy pipe supports, PolyPorter and PolyHorse, allowing for straightforward pipe loading into the machine. Upon completion, it folds for convenient storage and has wheels for transporting your machine to the next location.

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