The TracStar® 618 Series 2 from McElroy Parts

The TracStar® 618 Series 2 from McElroy Parts

The TracStar® 618 Series 2 fusion machine package is now available through Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corp. (MimeCo) machinery equipment.


The TracStar® 618 Series 2 is designed based on feedback directly from industry professionals who have used the machines themselves. It shares a common vehicle with the 28, 250, and 412 range and TracStars and is powered by a diesel engine.


McElroy’s machine can fuse pipes between 6″ IPS to 18″ OD (180mm to 450mm) sizes while offering a self-contained and propelled vehicle that handles grades up to 30%. The design assists with heat dissipation and gives an easier way to access it when maintenance is needed. The updated electrical system helps circuit protection, while the standard battery disconnect can help with easy lockout.


Notable features include:


  • Interchangeable 4-jaw carriage with easy removal

  • 3-jaw carriage for tight installations

  • A step-by-step guide for the operator to reference when fusing pipes

  • All-terrain

  • Dual hydraulic pipe lifts when transferring

  • DataLogger® compatible

  • Hydraulic clamping

  • Patented Centerline Guidance System that enables the equable distribution of force around the joints

  • Self-contained electrical input

  • Self-propelled transportation

  • Rubber crawler tracks

  • Self-locking brake

  • 2,000 PSI max system pressure

  • On-board generator for hydraulics and heaters


If you are interested in purchasing The TracStar® 618 Series 2 from McElroy Parts, please visit us online. You can view more about the product and fill out your order form. From there, a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. You can also view our other industrial products online.


Questions? Contact us at 305.680.5677.

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