The Uni-Tee from IPF Plasson

The Uni-Tee from IPF PlassonMimeCo machinery supply is dedicated to providing all of our customers and clients with the highest quality products to make any job site a success. We carry a variety of brands for a variety of industries, including the oil, gas, mining, and power industries.


IPF Plasson is just one of many world-renowned brands we carry, providing products that are easier to use and provide functioning support. The Uni-Tee, a full pressure full bore piece of equipment, is available through MimeCo.


If you are interested in industrial equipment rentals, please contact us online.


The Uni-Tee is a full bore, single-piece wound monolithic tee. They are made from one piece of thick-wall feedstock without the need for fusion, which also includes sidewall fusion. Uni-Tees are designed for the industrial, mining, water, and landfill industries where high external and internal stressors occur.


The Uni-Tee is made from PE 100 resins, NSF 61 resins and meets both ASTM F2206 and AWWA C906. Available sizes include 12″-65″, but other sizes can be available by request.


You can order IPF Plasson’sPlasson’s Uni-Tee through MimeCo’sMimeCo’s website. Simply fill out the online form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.


For questions regarding your order, please contact us at, or call our Miami, FL office at 305.570.3831.


IPF Plasson has over 50 years of experience serving 25 worldwide subsidiaries as the leader in HDPE solutions. They are known for delivering high-quality solutions to local economies. As a leader in electrofusion and compression fittings, they are able to provide the necessary resources and expertise to bring success.

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