The TracStar iSeries From McElroy Parts

The TracStar iSeries From McElroy Parts

The TracStar iSeries provides the pipe fusion industry with a new level of performance and reliability. This new family fusion machine builds on the historic ruggedness of the original Tracstar, with self-contained tracked vehicles, while adding revolutionary technology. The TracStar iSeries improves the user experience all the way around.


McElroy iSeres machines are powered by FusionGuide Control System, with integrated software guides that bring the user through every step of the fusion process by the easy-to-use tablet. Once the operator has prepared the pipe and has inputted all of the joint details, the guided workflow manages various functions such as machine pressures, heater actions, carriage, shift sequence, and more.


With The TracStar iSeries, standards compliance and successful fusion can be an everyday part of the job site.


The technology in The TracStar iSeries features:


  • Emission compliant engines

  • CAN bus control system

  • Hydraulic upgrades

  • Mechanical upgrades

  • Electrical upgrades

  • Integrated software-controlled machine captions (including manual and fully automatic)

  • Improved operator consistency


iSeries machines allow users to choose three different levels of operator interaction and FusionGuide assistance:


  • Level 1: manual control allows the operator control of carriage position and times in the fusion process.

  • Level 2: enhance guided workflow has a software-controlled shift sequence along with fusion times with an on-screen prompt

  • Level 3: automatic fusion is a fully automatic software-controlled process.


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