The Holidays Are a Great Time to Purchase Equipment

With the start of the new year just around the corner, there is no better time than now to get your industrial products online ordered. Order now and get them for all of your new projects in 2022. MimeCo offers a wide selection of machinery equipment for various job sites.


With over two decades of experience, we provide full-service fabrication and manufacturing fittings for applications using HDPE pipes. We have fabricated fittings that can be used in multiple ways, so our clients can get exactly what they are looking for. Whether you are in the oil, mining, gas, or power industry, MimeCo has something for you.


MimeCo is composed of passionate and experienced employees ready to help you with your questions about any of our products. Our collective experience helps you know that you will have the right tools and equipment in your hands to see job success. Working with MimeCo offers you a way to minimize your costs while improving efficiency.


Choose equipment from brands like Carboline, Crane, Performance Pipe, Dickies, McElroy Parts, Workrite, and R&L Manufacturing with various products such as hand tools, safety equipment, pumps, gaskets, valves, carbon steel fitting and flanges, electrical products, and more.


We are also happy to offer industrial equipment rentals. Simply fill out the online form, and a representative will be in touch about your project.


Questions about any of our products or services? Give us a call at 305.290.4363 or send us an email at

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