DRISCOPLEX Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipes

MimeCo offers a variety of industrial products and equipment, including HDPE pipes, for various job site functions. Since 1984, we have been delivering machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals to companies in the oil, gas, mining, and power industries. We work closely with these companies to ensure they have all the equipment they need to make their job site a success.


Offering the DRISCOPLEX ® 4000/ 4100 Series Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe from Performance Pipe is one of the ways we achieve this. The DRISCOPLEX ® offers a way to meet your job site needs with remaining in compliance with ASTM D3035/AWWA C901 or ASTM F714/AWWA C906 and NSF/ANSI 61 product standards.


Made from high-quality HDPE pipe material, this pipe is made from PE4710 resin, listed from PPI-TR4. The Factory Mutual FM1613 product standard is also available.


Performance Pipe’s DRISCOPLEX ® is durable and leak-tight, with low chances of fatigue, so it will last quite a while on job sites. Great flow, low surge, impact-resistant, and chemical resistance make it a flexible option for a variety of projects. The DRISCOPLEX ® does not need a trench install and has a bend radius as well.


Companies can use this pipe for potable water, wastewater, treated effluent reclaimed water, factory mutual, underground fire mains, and more.


To order a DRISCOPLEX ® 4000/ 4100 Series Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe from Performance Pipe, you will need to fill out the online contact form. A member of our team will be in touch with you soon about your order.

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