The McElroy PolyPorter

MimeCo, industrial equipment rentals and machinery supply company, is proud to offer McElroy Parts. McElroyparts provides cutting-edge solutions to any worksite, elevating and simplifying the work process for faster and more relatable results – including the use of the PolyPorter.


The McElroy PolyPorter is designed for pipe portability for 2″ IPS to 8″ DPS pipes, ranging from 63 mm to 250 mm sizes. The PolyPorter was made a specialty for the roles of a pipeline contractor, handling pipes in the field. Combining the mechanical advantages of a dolly with the usability and efficiency of a pipe, McElroy has crafted one of the most dependable tools for job sites.


One person can easily load the pipe into a fusion machine without the worry of strain. From there, it can quickly be pushed through the roller-equipped hook arm to the fusion machine. The jack helps the pipe operator raise and lower the machine (the PolyPorter) to match the pipe level, even in uneven and unstable terrain.


The PolyPorter helps support other machines such as the Pit Bull 14 and 26 Productivity Packages. These packages help simplify the process of ordering parts and machines – through it, contractors can order fusion machines (PolyPorters and a Manual Fusion Machine Stand), creating job functions that complete job site projects in half the time for half the money.


Interested in ordering a McElroy PolyPorter? Contact MimeCo online by simply filling out our contact form on the product page. From there, a member of our team will get in touch with you about ordering.

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