Preparing Your Machines for Colder Weather

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, which means colder temperatures are just around the corner. MimeCo, machinery equipment, and industrial products online hope you and your loved ones enjoy your Thanksgiving and that it is a nice, restful break for you and your team.


With the colder weather, it is important to take note of a few tips to ensure you take care of your equipment when the temperatures drop. While the coldest months will fade out in February, lower temperatures can last all the way to April, so it is best to be prepared.


First, ensure the correct lubricants and condition hydraulic hoses are installed, along with the correct engines and transmission. When starting a machine, check every level to ensure there is enough fluid for everything to flow well. The outside wrapper of hydraulic hoses crack in the cold, so condition them before winter strikes if you want to avoid breakage. Operate your machine with the hydraulic oil temperature at 150 degrees, running for an hour. Then, apply an arctic hydraulic oil.


Next, be sure to properly store the equipment. While this is important at all times of the year, this is especially true in winter. When machines are not being used, keep them out of the elements. Detach attachments and store them away to avoid damage when not in use. Keep fluids, including oils, at room temperatures, otherwise, they can freeze.


Finally, keep your batteries fully charged and out of the cold. In lower temperatures, batteries generate double the amount of cranking amps to turn over. Keeping them warm and charged will make starting much easier and minimize the risk of damage.

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