Tips to Extend Equipment Life

Heavy machinery requires a consistent yet constant level of care and maintenance to ensure that it performs to its fullest potential and its fullest capacity for the intended life cycle. Poorly maintained machines run poorly, costing time and money on the job site as well as compromising safety. To properly care for your machinery equipment to make sure they last and run well, here are a few tips.


  1. Keep up with operator training: large machines can have more than one operator, but even if just one person does not know the ins and outs of the machine and has not been properly trained, you are putting the project and operators at risk. This includes those who inspect machines. It is recommended that large machines are inspected upon purchase, where operator training can be performed. Pay attention that operator manuals are up to date.

  2. Know the signs of wear and tear: vibration, high temperature, and friction are all common signs of machinery breakdown. Vibration often indicates misaligned belts, while high temperatures are a sign of the machine exerting itself too hard to function. Any wear and tear should be addressed immediately and replaced upon discovery.

  3. Maintain a clean working environment: when using machines such as our industrial products online, ensure your area and machines are kept clean/ Doing so will help parts stay clear of contamination and debris. Check often that seals are in good working condition. Change filters often. Large machinery should be stored properly – in buildings or sheds that will protect them from weather and temperature changes.

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