Level Up Your Skills With McElroy Training

Interested in leveling up your skillset when it comes to machinery supply and industrial equipment rentals? McElroy Parts offers hands-on training through McElroy University training. For the last 39 years, McElroy has been the leading pipe fusion manufacturer to offer any type of in-depth training on a continuous basis. Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and skills always has the opportunity to do so.

Courses at McElroy University will help students use McElroy machines in the most efficient and safest manner. Classes are designed for hands-on training, learning valuable skills through the machines present in class, which are a replica of what is present on actual job sites.

Proper machine operations and procedures are the highest educational priority through all classes. By the end of each course, students will feel more confident and ready to enter the field. Assessments will be delivered through both written and hands-on testing to demonstrate full knowledge of machine operations.

Courses offered include:

  • Small, medium, and large diameter for underground construction
  • Auto machines for underground/construction
  • Fusion inspector for underground/construction
  • Socker and butt fusion for HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing
  • Custom training for specialized situations

Since the early 1960s, McElroy has been making an impact as an industry leader in manufacturing and engineering in markets located in India, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and the United States. Their mission is to drive growth and profit while dedicating themselves to assisting with the needs of their community, employees, and customers. With McElroy Parts, you can find high-quality products, teamwork, accountability, integrity, and a constant desire to grow.

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