Tulsa, OK Uses McElroy Parts in New Sewer Project

In Woody Crest, an upscale neighborhood in the central region of Tulsa, OK, a new sewer project went underway that involved a major update with HDPE pipes. Most of the homes in the neighborhood, one of the city’s oldest, while priced in the multi-million-dollar range, are already on the city’s sanitary sewer line. However, a great number are still using their own septic systems.


Tri-Star Construction, LLC, the project’s main contractor, started work on updating the neighborhood’s sewer system in mid-May.


HDPE pipes were chosen for this project due to their flexibility and ability to drill directionally in established neighborhoods – pipes can be installed underground in a predefined path in this case. The updating process requires horizontal drilling directional in two segments of 10 inch HDPE pipes, then installing new manholes for tie-ins and alignment changes to the pipes. McElroy Parts’ TracStar® 412 and DataLogger® to record fusion joints.


Poly Pro Inc’s Ben Murphy, who is fusing the HDPE pipes, says of the project, “We are doing this work in an established neighborhood with expensive homes. The last thing we want to do is disrupt any of the landscaping and surrounding properties. ” The project was initially designed to be as discreet as possible.


When each section is fused, bead removal from R&L Manufacturing will occur to ensure free-flowing upon installation. The total cost of the project is estimated to reach $880,000.


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