The Spirolite from IPF Plasson

Spirolite is a leader in the plastic pipe industry, and it can manufacture thermoplastic pipes through diameters of 120 inches through impressive technology. The individualized process unique to the Spirolite makes it the only high-density polyethylene system in the United States that offers a solution to traditional pipe systems for gravity, industrial waste applications, and pressure sanitary sewers while offering a cost-effective option.


The ease of the bell and spigot joint design, along with the plain-ended filed welded joint, decreases time spent installing the pipe and provides long-term assurance on corrosion resistance. This pipe meets ASTM F-894 requirements.


Traditional extruded thermoplastic pipes decrease in diameter as the wall thickens, but the Spirolite pipe keeps internal diameters consistent. Through a unique manufacturing and production process, the Spirolite is made by a profile extrusion that is continuously wound of a mandrel, so there is a maximum level of efficiency with each one produced. The pipe utilizes geometrically efficient hollow rib profiles and a closed profile design to cut down on the pipe weight and stiffness to weight ratio.


Standard classes are available for each size. Each engineer using the Spirolite can pick a profile and class, allowing a hands-on approach to projects with machinery equipment, making them more economical and efficient. Each pipe is made from high density and molecular weight polyethylene that is made to withstand piping applications. Resin included gives pipes strength and stiffness for long-lasting use. Material made to produce the Spirolite has a minimum cell classification of 335444C per ASTM D-3350 Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials.


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