3 Ways to Reduce Construction Project Downtime

Downtime is one of the greatest expenses companies have on job sites. Scheduled repairs, unexpected repairs, and even equipment failure can result in a large productivity gap, costing you money, time, and causing a struggle to meet deadlines. Overuse of machines is one of the most common reasons for downtime. Overscheduling and overuse can cause injury, property damage to machinery, and unhappy operators.


Even though your machinery supply needs to rest, much like humans, downtime can be reduced from time to time.


Always keep up with the recommended and required maintenance. Industrial equipment rentals have strict maintenance schedules and should be checked often to discover possible damage. Catching these problems before your machine heads to a job site can prevent other, more costly, issues.


Consider the weather. Plan accordingly to the area’s forecast, and you will surely avoid any unnecessary delays with projects. While it can be difficult to predict the weather exactly, keep a close watch over the expected forecast for the next few days, and especially the day of.


Pay attention to project management. Poor management can be the downfall of many construction projects. Make sure your team understands zoning laws, building regulations, and other local zoning regulations. Equip your team with the appropriate amount of staff and tools for the project. Failure to do so may result in a project lasting much longer than the projected completion date.


While you cannot avoid machine repairs and maintenance, following these tips can help your company avoid more complex equipment issues that result in wasteful downtime. Proper planning and resources can help you make the most of a job and finish with success.

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