The McElroy Difference in Thermoplastic Pipes

McElroy Parts, a division of MimeCo machinery supply, is an industry-wide, highly recognizable name due to its efficiency and cutting-edge pipe fusion technology across the world. Founded in 1954, McElroy has become one of the leading industry experts in joining thermoplastic pipes. Their investment in high-quality technology and their commitment to quality works translates to their productivity in the field. When you choose McElroy, you can ensure you have quality-backed products in distribution, service, and support.


One way McElroy makes a difference is through the use of the theory of heat fusion. The principle of heat fusion heats two surfaces and fuses them together by force, thus producing pressure that causes a flow of the melted materials, causing mixing and fusion. When a thermoplastic pipe heats up, the molecular structure transforms into an amorphous condition, allowing the molecules from each pipe to end up in the mix. When the joint cools, the molecules move back to their original form. The original interfaces fade and the two surfaces (or pipes) become one pipe.


Through McElroy, the fusion process becomes simple. First, the pipe pieces are held available for operations to occur. Then the pipe ends are faced for clean and parallel surfaces, going perpendicular to the centerline of the pipes involved. The pipe is then heated up, with a melting pattern making its way into the pipe itself, forming around both ends. When fusing the pipe together, the force on the joint is held until the joints are cooled.


McElroy makes a much needed but complicated process more simple through their commitment to quality. Contact us about renting their products through our industrial equipment rentals.

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