Performance Pipes Through MimeCo

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, is the largest producer of polyethylene piping in North America and MimeCo is proud to offer its products. With over 40 years of results-driven performance, Performance Pipe provides quality and innovation with chemical and corrosion resistance, low lifecycle cost, lightweight, flexible, and environmentally sound machinery supply.


The DRISCOPLEX 1000 Series Pipe, a large diameter industrial HDPE pipe, complies with ASTM d3035 and ASTM f714 product standards. Made from high-quality HDPE pipe material, this pipe is lead-free and manufactured with approved PE4710 resin. Optional color stripes include green (for wastewater), purple (treated effluent, reclaimed water), and white/grey/brown (for custom specifications).


The Driscoplex 4000/4100 Series Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe complies with ASTM d3035/AWWA C901, ASTM f714/AWWA C906, and NSF/ANSI 61 product standards. This pipe is manufactured along with the criteria for Factory Mutual FM1613. Customizations for application identifications include portable water, wastewater, treated effluent, reclaimed rainwater, underground fire mains, factory mutuals, and other specifications.


Performance Pipe Driscoplex 6400 Series is optimized specifically for energy application piping. The Driscoplex 64000 can be used for crude oil collection, crude oil transportation, gas gathering, leachate collection systems, landfill methane, brine, raw water, and oil field piping energy applications. System painting includes Shale Methane Recovery, Shale Hydromanufacting, and CO2 Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (ECBM).


All of Performance Pipe’s facilities for manufacturing are certified along with specifications for the latest edition of ISO 9001. For more information on MimeCo and industrial equipment rentals, please visit us online.

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