Renting Equipment with MimeCo

MimeCo is a proud distributor of McElroy parts, with well over 270 units within our rental fleet. Rental size range capabilities range from 1″ to 65″ O.D., and if you own your own machine, our team of experienced mechanics can repair and service your fusion machines and machinery supply.


Some of the products we offer for industrial equipment rentals:


  • McElroy Sidewinder: this fusion machine allows saddle fuse 4″ IPS and smaller tranch saddles, tapping tees, and service saddles that fit into 1.25″ IPS or larger sizes. Choose from the Jaw Clamp Sidewinder or the Chain Clamp – both have DataLogger capabilities.

  • 2LC: this fuse works with 16mm to 60mm sized pipes, using semi-automatic locking cam systems to keep up with force in the cooling cycle.

  • Pit Bull 14: a compact, lightweight, reliable machine that fuses fittings with high-quality results through a semi-automatic locking cam system.

  • Pit Bull 26: fuses pipes up to 180mm with a 6″ IPS insert set. Part of McElroy’s Centerline Guidance System, the semi-automatic locking cam holds the ability to fit on the Manual Fusion Stand accessory.

  • Rolling 28: can butt duse pipes up to 225mm, the ability to incorporate the 28 four-jaw carriages, easily removable for in-ditch fusion. This machine has been the industry standard for 30 years.

  • TracStar 28: the outer fixed jaw and skid can be removed, making the machine easily convertible to a 3-jaw carriage, offering self-contained and self-propelled track-mounted vehicles.


For a complete list of McElroy part rentals and to learn more about MimeCo, please visit us online.

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