Australia’s Gold Coast Prepares for Expanding Population

Australia’s Gold Coast attracts many people, from tourists to local Australian natives. It is estimated that by 2050, their population will double to 1.2 million people (from 540,559 in 2016). With this boom in population comes a new set of demands on the city’s water infrastructure, nearly at capacity.

Gold Coast is one of the largest recycled water users and treats several million liters of wastewater for irrigation. Their sustainable water solutions reduce expenses and conserve drinking water, an ever crucial step due to the region’s frequent droughts.

The city has rolled out the Long Term Recycled Water Release Plan, a $70 million investment that will upgrade pump stations for an overall more efficient system, with large volumes of wastewater (which will be treated) going towards the irrigation of public spaces like parks.

Darren Chandler, owner of GEM Industrial, says of the project, “All our guys on the project were really proud to be there… It’s a beautiful part of the world and definitely a great project to be involved with for sure.”

Two new pipelines were installed under waterways and riverbeds with trench-less methods to preserve the city’s clean environment. A 2,500mm diameter pipeline was placed under the Broadwater Crossing, with installation from a tunnel boring machine. The second, a 1,200mm diameter, high-density, polyethylene pipe, sits below the Nerang River bottom through horizontal directional drilling.

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