How to Choose the Right Machine

An important part of new equipment installation is selecting the right fusion machine that will provide the support necessary to specific job site needs.

In recent history, fusing thermostat pipes for a leak-free and corrosive-resistant system is common but has become a problem; these systems are failing every day.

McElroy is a world leader in joining the thermoplastic pipes in many infrastructures. Choosing them means choosing the right machine. Some things that will make the selection process easier:

Consider pipe size – what range and wall thickness will be involved. This will affect which size carriage and/or combination you need. Pipe size, dimensional ratio (DR), and fusion standards will determine if a low, medium or high-force fusion machine is right for the job.

Determine the magnitude of the job. Fusing smaller pipes will require different equipment than a long pipeline with large pipes. For larger projects, consider portability and how much accompanying equipment will be hauled from site to site.

Think carefully about deadlines. Productivity tools that will move along the fusion process at a faster rate will be worth the money. If you have complex projects with short deadlines, always choose the right equipment no matter the price. It will save you time and money in the long run.

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