Fusion Data Recording Is Essential

Many that do not have actionable data expertise are being left behind in today’s manufacturing and development environment. The McElroy DataLogger®, which is at the heart of McElroy’s data logging solution, allows you to collect and record the most valuable data generated on your jobsite.

Your operation must develop best practices for documenting the whole fusion process to show that your jobsite follows the current ASTM F3124 requirements. Data recording, however, has several other advantages above basic enforcement. It guarantees the pipeline joints are fully fused before being buried and placed into operation. It also shows a higher degree of obligation and oversight, which can offer contractors an edge over rivals that forego recording data.

A reliable data recording practice helps administrators and others to review reports stored remotely, giving them crucial insight on whether an individual is performing the right protocols and consistently delivering high-quality outcomes. This is advantageous for fusion preparation as well as long-term staff.

The DataLogger software from McElroy offers you the resources you need to seize upon those advantages in a solution that is comprehensive and a device that is robust and built for heavy-duty demands.

By tracking key factors of the fusion process and offering unparalleled insight into heat soak times, open/close times, cool time, jobsite and operator detail, and more, DataLogger lets you make sure that all joints are fused with the correct pressure and times according to established requirements.

All of this information can be stored in the McElroy Vault™, which enables fast and easy sorting, entry, and marking, and sharing of joint documents by computer, user, operator, computer, or task.

If you would like more information on the McElroy DataLogger, machinery supply, or if you need industrial equipment rentals for your job, please contact us.

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