Fusion Machine Manufacturer Unveils New and Improved Product Line

McElroy recently unveiled the next evolution of its powerful machinery equipment TracStar® line dubbed the iSeries!

The TracStar iSeries sets the bar for pipe fusion efficiency and reliability. A new generation of fusion machines draws on the TracStar’s history of being a tough, self-contained tracked vehicle while still incorporating industry-leading technologies for a better user experience. Several enhancements have been made to the technologies available while still hardening them to make the fusion experience more secure. New emission-compliant engines, CAN bus power, and various hydraulic, electronic, and electrical enhancements are all included in the iSeries. Operator consistency and adherence to standards were enhanced by integrated, software-controlled system choices ranging from manual to fully automatic.

The TracStar iSeries devices have an incorporated DataLogger tablet that acts as an operator input system while concurrently logging the entire fusion process. Keep track of important facts about the fusion process and jobsite, such as operator statistics, equipment information, GPS coordinates, and more, while ensuring that the fusion joint meets industry expectations.

The revised cowling on the iSeries machines solves a frequent requirement from the field: fusing broad tees and elbows without separating the carriage from the vehicle. The vehicle’s latest two-step construction also allows the user to do so while still being strengthened to withstand the weight of heavy fittings.

A new Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system and Power Control Module (PCM) facilitate communication among machine units, including heater control, carriage pressure and location, and more. For real-time computer statistics, a touchscreen vehicle monitor offers operation and diagnostic information.

The manual hydraulic valves on all iSeries machines now feature smart keypads, which allow for improved feedback. These intelligent keypads assist users in the fusion process via dynamic colors as certain activities are required. New paddle levers have also been installed to replace the hydraulic valves and knobs, allowing for more direct operation of the indexer and carriage.

As your source for machinery equipment and industrial products online, we’re excited about this latest TracStar evolution and look forward to providing our clients the improved power of the iSeries. We’ll keep you updated as developments occur.

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