The Acrobat Saves the Day in North Dakota

Once the McElroy Acrobat machine made its debut for polypropylene (PP) pipe, it has rapidly earned a reputation for being a machinery supply solution that can be used on polyethylene (PE) pipe installations. The Acrobat was built with a minimal footprint and is incredibly lightweight relative to its PE system counterparts since PP jobs are usually indoor installations in very close working environments. However, PE workers are often faced with the same space constraints.

The McElroy website outlines a real-life case involving a contractor working on a PE pipe job in North Dakota tasked with the expansion of a sugar beet processing facility. Connecting 17, 8” DR17 lines to a pump house for methane gas processing was one of the responsibilities. Since the lines were all crowded together, someone couldn’t get between the pipes to perform a fusion, resulting in a complicated situation. To fit between lines and valves while retaining portability, a lightweight, portable fusion machine solution was required.

At first, a DynaMc® 28 HP was used, which is a powerful, rugged, and lightweight unit, but maybe not the right option for a large number of fusions where space is an issue. In this situation, there were 76 fusions to complete in a few days, a significantly large amount for a hand pump to tackle. To save the day, the Acrobat was introduced.

The weight and height similarities are quite notable. The DynaMc carriage weighs 155 pounds, while the comparably svelte Acrobat carriage weighs a mere 54 pounds in 4-jaw configuration and 38 pounds in 3-jaw configuration. Consider the carriage lengths, which range from 34x26x23.5 to 30x18x17.

In the end, a pair of fusion technicians were able to perform the Herculean task in a mere four days thanks to the Acrobat.

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