Keep Fusion Data Extra Safe With Even Better DataLogger Backup

Have you purchased the McElroy DataLogger yet? This rugged tablet is a powerful tool to keep track of essential joint fusion data in an all-in-one solution that offers features like cloud backup. McElroy is always improving the tablet with new features, and one of the most recent provides the peace of mind of improved backup.

The McElroy Vault™ feature already keeps your fusion records backed up in the event of an occurrence on the job. However, with the 1.16 system update, you now have another option to ensure these vital records are safe at all times, and all you’ll need is a standard Micro SD card.

Enabling a Micro SD card is simple. After inserting the card in your DataLogger, simply go to the System section in the Settings menu, choose SD Card Status, hit the System Settings button, and then touch Yes when prompted whether you would like to open System Settings.

Once you’re at the Storage settings screen, scroll down and choose Erase USB/SD card storage, follow the instructions, and the SD will be ready to record fusion data!

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