Up Your Joint Fusion Performance With the PolyHorse

How do you go about boosting your joint fusion productivity? In many scenarios, there are factors that may be working against you such as time or budget constraints, terrain, or weather conditions. In such a case, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal to maximize productivity as much as possible.

The McElroy Facebook page mentions someone who has to run a pair of fusion machines simultaneously due to the sixteen-minute cool time required by the joints of the project being worked on. To achieve up to 24 joints fused each day while working solo, the individual is making use of the McElroy PolyHorse®.

The PolyHorse consists of adjustable racks built to assist with pipe storage and installation when on a work site. The machine is made for use of polypropylene pipe as thin as 90 mm or wider pipe up to 500 mm. You will see a substantial decrease in labor costs with the PolyHorse, due to better work conditions that ensure maximum efficiency and fewer risks.

The pipe is directly offloaded into the PolyHorse, which means it remains out of the way until it’s meant to be used. As a consequence, the floor remains hazard-free and unobstructed. The PolyHorse also has a PowerAssist adapter to load the pipe into a fusion system using a hydraulically driven roller. The PolyHorse performs incredibly well with sturdy instruments like the McElroy Pit Bull fusion devices, much like other McElroy products.

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