Learn More About Pipe Joints

There is a possibility of running into a situation widely known as pipe joint failure, especially if there are extreme conditions. Such problems occur, as the name suggests, in the place where the pipe ends are joined together, which is known to be the weakest construction point on the pipeline.

Though pipes undergo considerable stress testing, that’s not necessarily the case for joints. This can raise issues when conditions get tough. Typically these joints are fused using either butt fusion or electrofusion. While in freezing conditions both of these approaches may run into problems, the latter may become more of a problem than the former. The explanation for electrofusion issues is that they are delicate to welding conditions.

If the pipe were to freeze, the force will be applied in multiple directions. When a solid like water expands it will cause expansion and force the pipe outwards, causing something known as “hoop stress.” The second force on the pipe causes the plastic to shrink along the length of the pipe, resulting in a pull on the pipe from where it is fixed or attached to one end. The coupler itself will shrink along with this force, exerting force in the opposite direction and, consequently, placing additional pressure on the joint.

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