A Closer Look at Butt Fusion

Under the broader umbrella of plastic welding, the butt fusion process involves heating two different plastic components; typically either two pipes or a tube and a fitting. Historically, this process has been applied mainly to polyethylene, but there has been an exponential growth of polypropylene recently. Nevertheless, most thermoplastic pipes are usually involved in the process.

At its simplest level, heat is applied simultaneously to the ends of both parts by an electrical heating plate until melting takes place. A heater plate is then removed and pressure is applied over a certain time, resulting in what is called “welded beads.” If rightly constructed, the joint has a standard appearance that is typically used for safety inspections or audits. While the temperature, pressure and time specifics vary on the polymeric material, the fundamentals do not differ.

A butt fusion welding machine is used for larger pipes to enable accurate control of several additional factors like ovality and alignment, the squareness of the surface, heat soak time and the heater plate temperature, to name a few.

It is also important to ensure that your materials and work surfaces are contaminant-free and that all critical criteria are correctly followed to ensure a high-quality joint. These factors are all combined regularly when properly designed and maintained equipment is used by a trained and certified joiner. It will be as powerful and ductile as the original pipe once a proper welded joint operation is performed.

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