Optimum Productivity with McElroy Machines

Why are McElroy machines relied on by hundreds of thousands of customers? They get the job done faster, safer, and with less necessary cooling time. To give you a brief idea of how these machines take care of important jobs compared to standard machines, let’s elaborate a bit.

With hydraulic jaws, McElroy machines have no issue safely clamping around the pipe at once. Standard machines often require individual tightening of each clamp, thereby reducing productivity and efficiency.

Like the jaws, the Facer movement is powered hydraulically which means lowering and raising can be done in mere seconds. In standard machines, extra equipment like cranes needd to be placed and removed, taking more time and creating potentially dangerous conditions for workers.

McElroy machines propel themselves on a tough track system able to move without issue even on rugged terrain, which means it can move across fusion points with little issue. Standard hydraulic machines requiring loading and moving by truck, which takes extra time.

On job sites, time is typically of the essence and sticking to budget is imperative. You may find an upfront investment in a McElroy machine will save you thousands of dollars in the long-term.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment and machinery supply. We have more than two decades providing professional solutions in The Guianas, the Caribbean, and Suriname, supplying brands like Performance Pipe, McElroy, Carboline, and more. With our years of experience working as exporters and purchasing agents, we look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call 305-570-3831 for additional information on our product selection or industrial equipment rentals.

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