Save Money and Ease Installation with PE Pipe

Have you been thinking about using polyethylene pipe (PE) for your next job? There are numerous advantages you may wish to consider the next time you need to perform pipe fusion. The fact that the pipe is incredible lightweight is only one of them.

Because of the design of PE pipe, it provides excellent chemical resistance, a huge advantage if you’re dealing with the transport of alkalis, detergents, tension depressants, mineral oils or fermentation products which may cause corrosion and, therefore, damage the pipe.

Speaking of corrosion, the properties of PE pipe do not undergo alteration when they are exposed to chemicals. Hence, issues like rot, rust, mold or mildew are not a problem nor will you need to deal with the possible growth of algae, bacteria or fungi.

In addition to being lightweight, PE pipe is easy to install and it is economical. Even in cold conditions, the pipe can be bent if necessary and on top of that, it will last a long time, Good quality PE pipe can last as long as 100 years in some cases which reduces the need to replace the pipe.

When it comes to fusion, PE pipe allows for multiple joining systems. It’s yet another reason to consider PE pipe for your next job.

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