Save Time with McElroy Machines

When fusing pipe, productivity is a major part of a job done. If you’ve never tried using the pupe fusion machines by names like McElroy, you may be missing out on increasing your pipe fusion substantially.

Let’s use the hydraulic jaws and facer for example. McElroy machines come equipped with an advanced system which powers and clamps down on pipe quickly with the utmost of safety. In standard machines, this process often requires manually tightening down on the pipe, which can take several minutes and, therefore, reduce fusion output. McElroy machine facers are also powered hydraulically, which means lowering and raising it takes mere seconds instead of having to use a crane to remove and put on the facer.

Speaking of hydraulics, the pivoting heater on McElroy machines is powered using the same hydraulics as the jaws and facer. What does this mean for you? It means the heater could be moved into place virtually in seconds. Again, this can save you precious time and help you meet any deadlines or daily quota you have set out to accomplish.

Miami International Machinery & Equipment Corporation (MIMECO) specializes in industrial equipment and machinery supply. We have more than two decades providing professional solutions in The Guianas, the Caribbean, and Suriname, supplying brands like Performance Pipe, McElroy, Carboline, and more. With our years of experience working as exporters and purchasing agents, we look forward to supplying your company with robust, quality products and solutions at the best prices. Call 305-570-3831 for additional information on our product selection, industrial equipment rentals, or industrial products online.

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